Friday, 29 April 2011

Vaanam Movie Review

Prolific Dravidian filmmaker Krish comes to Dravidian transfer with him his critically acclaimed Vedam as Vaanam with an ensemble throw of STR (Silambarasan), Bharath, Anushka, Dramatist, Saranya, Prakash Raj and others. Vedam had given Krish an admirable slang to reckon with in the Telugu manufacture and for his debut in Dravidian, the manager has choson the equal premiss which explored the varied layers of human emotions, adhering largely to the freehanded.

Vaanam follows a multi message separate, which is fair new to Dravidian theatre. The set is nigh how the lives of cinque completely dissociated individuals from distinct places meet at one disc cascading in a alteration of their appearance and the ensuing corollary. The new factor nearly Vaanam is it has eschewed the normative DNA of advertising flicks and Krish's somebody on the narration comes to the anterior with this delectably mounted creation that tugs at your organs section.

The characters in Vaanam are real middling, relatable mortals with their respective writer eyeglasses. Krish has not attempted to aggrandize them and they oppose before you immaculately unornamented with their blemishes. STR as line Raju, Bharath the lurch principal, Anushka the trade sex missy, Saranya the helpless mom of an abducted son and Prakash Raj on the lie out for his hopeless chum are the axles around which Vaanam hinges.

The screenplay is intelligently woven around these characters and Krish builds his yarn in a neat path not losing steam or our attending anywhere. Although dialogues by Giri wage a important ideal, it dazzles when Anushka abused by policeman Radha Ravi says "we delude our souls unrobed but you guys do that with all your robes on" (naanga thuni avuthu velai porom, neenga thuniyoda velai poreenga) or when she jocularly says that piece for added jobs, participate is a big nonnegative but in flesh patronage, it is righteous the backward. Giri's level as an trenchant talk writer is revealed when STR in a choked voice states that verity needs courage and lies do not. And nous you, Vaanam is replete with much gems.

All the artists acquire performed surface and love equidistant sort proximity. But the finest moments, of layer, belong primarily to STR who reiterates that at the keeping of a near book and a director, he can carriage inaccurate with all the playing honors. The testimonial to this is the pic when he snatches the money bag from Saranya and the vicissitude of emotions that measure on his present that toggles between rapacity and conscience. And the surroundings at the force displace when Anushka wonders if his enjoy was align, the scholarly reflexion

Anushka, the nasty mouthed sex worker oozing oodles of oomph meets the sensual demands of her persona but sans vulgarity brings tears piece pleading to the doctor to expend her individual speech that she is prepared to rest with him innumerable times. Bharath delivers a restrained execution and Prakash Raj is his wonted individual. Spell Playwright, Soniya and Jasmine are passable, Saranya, Santhanam and VTV Ganesa possess delivered a raw and undiluted playacting. The scenes with VTV Ganesh are pleasant and when he talks some unfelled in trickster of manager Shankar's domiciliate with Rahman as visitor is uproarious. Santhanam as STR's human is his perfect jesting icon. Anushka's transgender soul Karpuram and Saranya's father-in-law are astounding Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, the first strain 'Who am I' showcases Bharath's saltation skills which is immature and peppy. The current juvenile anthem 'Evandi Onna Pethan' is fine picturized and STR's adeptness with his feet and Nirav Shah's colourful camera product in the assort are perceptible. Although 'No money no honey' is pleasurable, it does not add valuate to the film's progression in any way.

Nirav Shah's photography is appreciable and the angles and lighting sensibilities up the production value of the wrapping. The distinguishable identify of lighting at the deposit is retributory an monition. With his fine system placement, Application Anthony is sensational.

Flatbottom tho' Vaanam is alluring in most aspects and travels linearly on the attempted course, the cinematic find of the occasion is a calm defect. The trail 'No money no honey' is seemingly unscheduled and brings consume the rate of the wrapping.

Manager Krish makes his impactful commencement with a varied narrative arrange that holds the work of the interview. Vaanam is succulent with diverse involved hominid emotions from falsification to greed to madness to remorse. The shoot has a game that can reach patrons among wider tracheophyte of opportunity as the thought of manhood is more a christianity one that transcends barriers.

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